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JTO Roofing and Solar is YOUR local Lake Mary residential roof repair company! We specialize as a residential roofing contractor. We understand how important your home is to you and that a home free of repairs means a home free of stress. We are here to take care of all your residential roof repairs. When it comes to roof repairs, we take care of them with quality materials that are affordable, expert craftsmanship gained by years of experience, and most importantly personal customer service to reassure you through the entire process. 

Residential Roof Repairs

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Residential Tile Roof Repairs

Tile Roofs in Florida are a staple in our state. If you are looking for roof repairs in Lake Mary for tiles, JTO Roofing and Solar has you covered. Whether deterioration, degraded underlayment, cracked tiles, slipping tiles, or whatever roof repairs in Lake Mary, FL that you need, we provide the best service not only because of the quality of our work but also the level of personal care we give to each and every customer. 

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Residential Shingle Roof Repairs

Shingle Roofs are the go to for most homeowners in Florida. We can repair any problems you have from water damaged shingles, to broken shingles, to missing singles. No matter the issue, we know what to do to get your roof fixed so you don’t have to stress anymore! When it comes to roofing companies in Lake Mary, FL we know what we are doing and will treat you the way a customer should be treated. 

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Residential Metal Roof Repairs

 In Florida, metal roofing is popular.  Whatever the damage is; corrosion, scratches, dents punctures, or metal roof panel replacements we can get your roof back to perfection. As the best quality roofing contractor in Central Florida, our years of experience with roofs and with people make us the top roofing company in Lake Mary, FL. We are here for you and your home!

Roof Repair
In Lake Mary, FL


Missing shingles can be a sign of a bigger roofing problem. If you notice that a large number of shingles are missing from your roof, it is essential to call a professional to have a look. Missing shingles can be a sign of a roof leak, and if left untreated, the problem can get worse.


There are many reasons why shingles might break. In some instances, harsh or extreme weather like strong winds, hailstorms, and heavy rains can damage them. Sometimes, falling out shingles are also a sign of poor installation in the past. However, remember that shingles lifted from the roof may break and fall, including the other shingles.

The flashing of your roof means protecting your home from water damage by keeping water from entering your home through the vulnerable areas of your roof. If the flashings are not installed properly, they may break down and cause your roof to leak. It is essential to ensure that you know the signs of broken roof flashings.


If you notice water spots on your ceiling, you need to call a roofing contractor to conduct an inspection. Water spots can be caused by broken flashings, which means they are not doing their job. If you see that your roof flashings are broken, you need to get them replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your roof.

Several things cause a sagging roof, from structural issues to water damage. If you notice any sagging, you should have it checked out by a professional as soon as possible. A sagging roof can be a severe problem and lead to more damage over time.

As residential roofing contractors in Altamonte Springs, FL we have the experience to tell what will be the best route to take. Issues like missing, broken, cracked, or curled roofing can easily be repaired without needing a roof replacement. As long as the damage is localized, otherwise, if the damage is consistent throughout your roof, we would recommend a residential roof replacement. When it comes to a water-damaged roof, the same concept applies. Localized leaks can be fixed without the need for a full replacement, but leaks affecting large or multiple areas of your roof should be replaced. Whether a roof leak repair or any other roof damage repair, it is important to use a trusted roofing company that is honest with you about what you need. 

There are very few instances where you should do DIY roof repairs and this should only be done if you have experience in roofing. Residential roof repairs should be handled by professionals that have the best tools, equipment, materials, knowledge, and proper safety precautions so that your roof is repaired properly. Professional roofing contractors go through training and certifications that the typical homeowner has not, and have access to all necessities just mentioned. It is important to get your roof repairs done by a top roofing company in Altamonte Springs, FL. 

There are many signs that can indicate that your roof needs repaired. Some are more obvious than others but this is what you should be looking for to tell if your roof needs repaired:
  • Loose/Missing Shingles
  • Sagging 
  • Cracked, Broken, or Damaged Roofing
  • Dark or Stained Areas
  • Higher Than Average Heating/Cooling Bills
  • Water Leaks Coming From Ceiling

Roofs are designed to protect your home from harsh weather conditions. However, if you have an old roof, it might not be able to save your home as efficiently as it used to. It can cause leaks, leading to water damage and mold growth inside your home. Roof leaks can also lead to significant energy loss.


Although roof repairs can become expensive depending on the damage, it might be cheaper to fix it early rather than wait for it to get worse. It is also more affordable to pay for roof repairs than renovating the entire home after getting soaked due to a small hole on the roof.

Moss can be a sign that your roof is not draining correctly. If there is a lot of moss on your top, there is a lot of moisture trapped up there, which can lead to leaks and other damage.


If you notice moss growing on your roof, you should have it cleaned and treated as soon as possible. It will help to prevent further damage and ensure that your roof is in good condition.

The cost to repair a roof depends on a variety of factors. From the pitch of your roof to the type of roof you have, to the current condition of your roof, as well other factors determine the cost. Your best course of action is to contact a top roofing company in Altamonte Springs to get a free estimate done. You will want to know the exact details and have a breakdown of costs. For example, a roof repair leak cost will depend on location, size, and how much the leak has spread. 


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