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Residential Roof Replacement In Altamonte Springs, Florida

There’s nothing more important than your roof, and when you’re in a position to reinvest in replacing your residential roof. You should do so wisely by choosing a team in Altamonte Springs, FL that has the most experience.

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About Our Residential Roof Replacement Services In Altamonte Spring, FL

Replacing your roof? If you’re in the search for a trustworthy roofing contractor that has high level experience in Altamonte Springs, FL, then JTO Solar and Roofing is your first choice! We are best known for providing quality residential roof replacement services and our friendly staff will help guide every step during this process. From discussing options with budget considerations to ensuring only high-quality materials were used on site.

Are you wanting to work with professionals backed by a strong organization? JTO Roofing and Solar is an accredited Shingle Master though Certainteed.

What To Expect With Our Roof Replacement Services In Altamonte Springs, FL:

Step 1

Removal Of Existing Roofing Materials

JTO Roofing and Solar in Altamonte Springs, FL removes the old roof covering and installs new shingle. Rather than just installing a single layer, JTO Contracting professional crews use their expertise to remove any materials that are not from today’s standards so they can be sure there will be no leaks or worse yet-rotten spots! We want to make sure your residential roof replacement is executed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Step 2

Roof Installation

Generally, residential roof replacement services include the placement of an underlying material, ice/water shield, and new roofing materials on top for each home in regards to what they need most with extra features available as well if desired by residential homeowners in Altamonte Springs, FL

Altamonte Springs, FL ROOFING SERVICES

When it comes time for you to get a roof replacement in Altamonte Springs, FL, you have a lot of different materials to choose from. JTO Roofing and Solar wants to give you options! Asphalt shingles are the most popular option, thanks to their variety of colors and styles. Metal roofing is becoming more popular in Altamonte Springs due to its longevity – it can last up to twice as long as asphalt shingles! If you’re looking for a longer-lasting roof, metal roofing may be the way to go and our metal roofing contractors can help you.

One aspect that impacts the type of roof necessary for your home is the pitch of your roof. A flat roof requires a different kind of replacement than a sloped one – so be sure to take that into account when considering your options. But of course we will help you with that!

When Is It Time For Me To Replace My Roof In Altamonte Springs, FL?

Replacing your home’s roof is a big decision, but it’s one that you’ll be happy you made. Here are a few reasons why you might need to service and replace your roof: 

1. You have wet spots on your ceiling caused by water leaking from the roof.

2. Broken or missing shingles.

3. Shingles are missing from the roof or have decayed and lost their granules.

4. You can’t see any damage, but it’s important to hire a professional to inspect your roof to make sure there is no damage that you can’t see. 

5. Your roof is old and needs to be replaced soon anyway

If you notice any of these give JTO Roofing and Solar for residential roof replacement in Altamonte Springs, FL!

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof In Altamonte Springs, FL?

Looking for more than just your typical roofing contractor to replace you roof in Altamonte Springs? You’re in luck! At JTO Roofing and Solar Our professional contractors can have your new roof installed in just 1-3 days. We take into account the weather and your specific needs to provide you with a quote and service that will make both parties fully prepared to move ahead. With a full roof replacement comes to the stripping of the old before the new one can be installed – but don’t worry, we’ll leave your property clean and tidy once we’re done.

Do I Have To Have A Full Roof Replacement In Altamonte Springs, FL?

Need a new residential roof in Altamonte Springs, FL? Let JTO Roofing and Solar help you choose the best option for your home! A full replacement is more costly but will benefit you in the longer run, or you can choose to just have a repair done. It’s important to talk options over with a licensed professional who can help create a service plan that is suitable for your needs.

If I Replace My Roof In Altamonte Springs, FL Do I Have To Replace My Gutters Too?

A new residential roof is a big investment in Altamonte Springs, FL, but it doesn’t have to include new gutters too. Gutters are an important part of your home’s weatherproofing, so be sure to have them inspected while your new roof is being installed. Most contractors are also able to work around them, but they must be careful not to damage them while working around them. Some companies also use gutter guards in order to protect from damage while installing or repairing the new roof.

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